How to clean dog toys

How to clean dog toys

How to clean dog toys? Many of us wonder about cleaning dog and cat toys. Those treasures, which in many cases, give the impression that they are more liked the dirtier they are.

It is very important that our pets’ toys are in good condition, remember that they tend to be in contact with our animal’s mouth and in our hands for a long time. According to the Annual Study on Pets in Spain, carried out by one of the main Ecommerce in the sector, in 2019 we spent 90 euros on average on accessories and toys for our furry dogs. Every day we buy more toys but we must also keep the ones we already have because some, as you already know, are our greatest treasures.

Use some toys for home and others for the street.

Think that if you separate toys between those at home and those on the street, you will extend the useful life of the former. The toys you have at home may last much longer than those on the street.

With this simple trick you can avoid filling the house with bacteria and dirt from the street. Think that the areas where you play with your dog are sometimes a service to the rest of the animals. This means that, although you may not realize it, street toys end up full of dirt and bacteria.

To carry toys from the street, we recommend that you use a “Outing Bag” where you can store them.

Use neutral-smelling soaps

This point is very important to avoid rejection by the dog or cat once you have washed the toy. The reason is that smell is one of the most developed senses of animals and the new smell can generate rejection. Furthermore, if we have used a scented soap, the toy will stop smelling like our furry friend and for him or her, this will cause it to stop being partly his or hers.

Avoid using bleach and peroxide detergents that can contaminate the toy and cause poisoning. Also, again, we modify the smell of the toy.

One of the best allies for knowing how to clean dog toys is to use a vinegar solution. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, it can be ingested and with care it does not damage materials.

We recommend using this solution with materials such as rubber, silicone and nylon. We must apply the vinegar solution (dissolved in warm water) for 10-15 minutes on the toy. . Once finished, it is important to clean them gently with a cloth or sponge to clean any residue that may remain.

How to wash dog toys in the washing machine

Many of our dog toys can be washed in the washing machine. For the washing machine, cloth and rope toys are perfect. As we mentioned before, it is important to use a neutral soap and use a program with hot water so that proper disinfection occurs. Finally, remember to air dry. Avoid the dryer, its programs can damage toys.

How to wash dog toys in the dishwasher

We can clean all rigid rubber, silicone and plastic products in the dishwasher. We have to take into account the temperature of the dishwasher so we will avoid putting in all those that may become deformed. But before putting it in, always check if there are any warnings from the manufacturer.

Be very happy when you return the toy

It is very important that when the toy returns you are very happy. Think that the dog will notice the change in smell and it is possible that he will reject it because he does not identify it as his old toy. To resolve the rejection, we recommend that you play with him for a while so that he sees that even though his smell has changed, he continues to play with them.

There is an end point for every toy

Toys have a useful life although for our furry friends some should be eternal.

When hard cork, silicone or plastic toys begin to crack from the sun, wear and tear, or when their texture has changed, it usually means that the toy has reached its end. Remember that the animal can bite it frequently and it is easier to ingest a piece.

As for cloth toys, it is best to throw them away when they break and everything inside comes out. If you can recover it, your furry friend will appreciate it but, from experience, we know that there are some that already or have repaired.

With these simple steps you will see how to clean the dog’s toys and not have any problems. If you like our content, you know, share. You help us and the furry people of the world.