Pros and Cons of using a dog harness

Pros and Cons of using a dog harness

Let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of using a dog harness. The dog harness is an element that has more and more followers. This is a piece that consists partly of straps that go around the dog’s torso, and is used to guide, restrain and lift the dog.

This tool reduces neck strain when pulling and provides free breathing during daily walks.

If you are tempted to buy one for your pet, we will tell you what the advantages and disadvantages are.

Why use a dog harness?

This is an ergonomic accessory that covers the entire chest; This distribution helps the dog to be safer and more comfortable than with collars and breastplates.

The harness allows you to have greater control of the pet, so if your dog is rebellious, this is an excellent option to keep him under control when going for a walk.

In addition, this element prevents the animal from drowning and allows its neck to be exposed.

Experts point out that it is especially indicated for those dogs that have breathing problems or that pull too much. The most suitable is the one that has a Y shape.


– It is a good ally when it comes to educating and teaching the dog to walk down the street.

– Allows owners to have more control over the dog because they reduce the force of the pulls.

– They are more comfortable for playing sports with your pet.

– Traveling by car with a harness is much safer than with a collar.

– They disperse the pressure exerted against the leash when walking over a larger surface than when using a collar; preventing the animal from getting hurt.

– It offers greater protection and security because the animal cannot remove it as if it were a collar, for example.


– It may cause them to feel a greater need to tug.

– Postpones the owner’s responsibility in educating him, so the dog will get used to continuing to pull.

– Some are inappropriate for your anatomy and even prevent the free movement of your shoulders.

– They are more complicated to put on than necklaces, because they not only have to slide over the head, but they have to be fastened.

– They can be annoying for the animal due to their volume.


This accessory is recommended for dogs that need greater control during their walks, those who have respiratory problems, for those who play sports, and for those who frequently travel in cars.