why does dog lick my face

why does dog lick my face? When our dog licks our face, we usually interpret it as a canine ‘kiss’, an expression of his affection. Is this true? Do dogs understand what the act of kissing means? There are several reasons why the dog tries to lick our face, and we are going to find out.

Puppies lick their mother’s face

Dogs lick each other since they are very small, in fact they begin to receive licks from their mother from the moment they are born: the mother licks them to clean them and to stimulate their urination and defecation.

Around one month of age, the cubs will lick their mother’s mouth to make her regurgitate food, in a primary act resulting from an atavistic instinct inherited from their wild predecessors.

Puppies lick their siblings’ faces

As soon as the puppies’ senses and mobility begin to mature, it is easy to observe how the littermates lick each other’s faces to feel comforted and strengthen the ‘pack’ bond.

Dogs lick each other’s faces to bond

As social animals, dogs have a rich repertoire of gestures and signs to communicate their emotions, both among themselves and with their human family, and licking is a natural behavior for them.

Lamiéndose, los perros obtienen `información´ unos de otros, a través de las feromonas (sustancias químicas segregadas a través de glándulas situadas en los órganos genitales y en los oídos del perro) detectadas por el órgano vomeronasal, que se encuentra ¡en la boca del perro!

El lamido de la boca, o de toda la cara, entre dos perros adultos también es un código de apaciguamiento o sumisión, en caso de conflicto entre ambos.

Your dog licks your face out of affection

Do dogs kiss us because they love us? Yes of course! We can interpret that when they lick our face they are expressing their affection, it is a happy greeting. It is also common that if they have done some ‘mischief’ they then treat us to some licks on the face or hands, as a sign of calm and submission. Furthermore, owners who like this effusiveness from their dogs usually reward it reciprocally: by hugging and kissing them, and the dog internalizes it as positive reinforcement to continue doing it.

In the case of dogs with a tendency towards dominance towards their owners, it is usually advisable not to respond effusively to their licks, as they could interpret it as a sign of ‘weakness’ on our part. These dogs that ‘fight’ for the power of leadership in the house, require a response of poise and moderation on the part of their owners, to maintain control of the situation.

My dog licks excessively

There are dogs that compulsively lick other dogs in the house, the family cats, objects or their owners. Generally, excess excitement, stress or anxiety are at the origin of this behavior, since the dog finds calm and pleasure, even licking its own ‘hands’ obsessively.